Zusterke's spell calculators

These tools have been developed for the PlusHeal community. Please read the notice on support and copyrights before using these tools.


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Beta Warning

Please note that this tool is still under construction. Features that will be supported in the future:

  1. Mouseover popups for talents, glyphs and spells
  2. Import function of wowhead/blizzard build.
  3. Haste
  4. Crit, though in an initial phase this will not affect efficiency and hps numbers.
  5. Divine Aegis
  6. Specific spell cycles, such as "FHealx1,GHealx1", "FHealx2,GHealx1" when you pick the Serendipity talent or Disc spellcycles with high BT uptime.
  7. More Glyphs
  8. Other suggestions made by members of the PlusHeal community!
  9. Better coding quality
  10. Information on demand, hiding glyph or talent specific behavior unless those talents or glyphs are selected.
  11. Depending on time constraints and demand, I may make this tool suited for multiple levels but this has low priority.

Talent selection

Holy Talents

Disc Talents



Spell Power


Spell Rank Min Max Crit Avg Cost Cast MPS HPS HPM HPSx2 HPMx2 HPSx3 HPMx3 HPSx4 HPMx4 HPSx5 HPMx5 HPSx6 HPMx6
Circle of Healing
Prayer of Healing
Holy Nova
Prayer of Mending
Binding Heal  
Flash Heal  
Desperate Prayer  
Greater Heal
  Serendipity x1  
  Serendipity x2  
  Serendipity x3  
  Shield Glyph Crit Total Cost Cast MPS HPS HPM BT HPS BT MPS  
Power Word: Shield  
  HoT E.R. Tick Avg Cost Cast MPS HPS HPM HHPS  

About this page

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Technical Requirements

These calculators require an xhtml compliant browser with javascript support.

Making a (offline) copy

It's easy to keep an offline copy of these calculators. Just go to menu "file" and select "save page as", then follow your browser's instructions. Alternatively, you can browse the code and save the code in a new HTML page. This should work! These tools do not require an internet connection to function. You may lose the styling of this page, but the calculators should remain functional!

Hosting your own copy

The calculators are written in a single page with the javascript embedded. Any webserver should, in theory, be able to host this webpage and allow you to host them on your website or your guild's site. Hosting these tools elsewhere or redistribution is permitted but we ask only to respect the copyrights and include the footer of this page on your version. You may lose the styling of this page, but the calculators should remain functional!

Help, questions and technical support

support for these calculators is given in the topic on this tool on PlusHeal. We'll gladly answer any user related or technical question. An account will be required to post on PlusHeal, but not to read previous questions and answers.