Zusterke's Regen Calculator

This tool has been developed for the PlusHeal community. This is free and open software. Please read the notice on support and copyrights before using these tools.


  1. About: information, support and copyrights on these calculators

Beta Warning

Please note that this tool is still under construction. Especially Archangel and Rapture don't deliver clear results. I could admitt I just wildly guessed their performance but instead I'll pretend it's complex math. Features that will be supported in the future:

  1. Hopefully soon: Corrected values for Archangel and Rapture
  2. Hopefully soon: Checked values for Revitalize
  3. Mouseover popups for talents, glyphs and spells
  4. Import function of wowhead/blizzard build (long term).
  5. Other suggestions made by members of the PlusHeal community!
  6. Tooltips with a detailed breakdown of stat values

How to

  1. Click the level circle and enter any level between 10 and 85. Beware, for some levels there are inaccurate results, as will be displayed by the warning below the talents. Currently, anything below level 20 should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm still working on those.
  2. Click the icons of the abilities and talents you want active. Green means active, grey means inactive.
  3. You can (optionally) click the min or max number or spirit to recalculate the numbers for other stats than the ones listed. The calculator will automatically adjust all columns and cells to spread the stats evenly over your chosen min and max range.



Class / Spec

Talents and Abilities

Warning: these numbers are esimates or approximations. No reliable test or source has been found to confirm the base mana used for this level and class.

Regen numbers


About this page

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I'd like to thank Erdluf at PlusHeal, BobTurkey and WowWiki for publishing numbers which I used in these calculators. Thanks a bunch!

Technical Requirements

These calculators require an xhtml compliant browser with javascript support.

Making a (offline) copy

It's easy to keep an offline copy of these calculators. Just go to menu "file" and select "save page as", then follow your browser's instructions. Alternatively, you can browse the code and save the code in a new HTML page. This should work! These tools do not require an internet connection to function. You may lose the styling of this page, but the calculators should remain functional!

Hosting your own copy

The calculators are written in a single page with the javascript embedded. Any webserver should, in theory, be able to host this webpage and allow you to host them on your website or your guild's site. Hosting these tools elsewhere or redistribution is permitted but we ask only to respect the copyrights and include the footer of this page on your version. You may lose the styling of this page, but the calculators should remain functional!

Help, questions and technical support

Support for these calculators is given through the PlusHeal community. You can PM Zusterke on PlusHeal for specific support.