Zusterke's Corner

A Theorycrafting site, in cooperation with PlusHeal, by Zusterke of the guild Order of the Athanor on EU - Spinebreaker.


Welcome to Zusterke's Corner. The aim of this site is to help you with analyzing stats, items and eventually... raid efficiency. The primary focus of the site is the priest class, though some tools may prove more universal.

Last Changes

22/10/2009. Style change. The site is undergoing a style change and slight resutructuring. Some pages may show the new skin while some may still show the old one. The 'blue' style is the new one, although I'm still considering other options.

22/10/2009. New proc calculators. The proc calculators have been spli, rather than merged in the hope that people will find them more clear. The page also uses javascript now, allowing people to easily make an offline copy.


Work in progress

Site philoshopy

When it comes to theorycrafting, I always felt there are 3 kind of players:

While I associate myself with the latter group, most of the time, I often found myself discussing items and stats with players of either the first or second group. As such, I developed this website and these tools:

As of late, I changed somewhat in what I believe I should do with these theorycrafts. I have come to realize I may not be around forever, or will not always have the time to deliver the support a user requires. I have therefor rewritten (and will rewrite) some of my tools in embedded javascript:

It is not my goal to "host this tools till I'm famous". It is, instead, my goalIf you have trouble working with the code

Other resources

While this may come as a surprise, there are other terrific sources of priest information on the web. The list is, in fact, endless so I've limited myself to a selection of blogs and communities where theorycrafts or technical aspects of the priests are debated regularly:

But don't stop there! There are many other priestly resources out there!